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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Goulard, Adélard* ‎1911† ‎1911
man Goulard, Alain* ‎4 Nov 1983
man Goulard, Albert X Gisèle Paquette* ‎26 Apr 1951* River Valley, ON. Canada
woman Goulard, Albertine X David Roberts
woman Goulard, Albina X Télesphore Labelle* ‎1906† ‎13 Jun 1996† Sudbury, Ontario
man Goulard, Aldéric X Juliette Boisvenue* ‎7 Jul 1903* Gracefield, Gatineau, PQ† ‎3 Aug 1980† Sudbury, Ontario
woman Goulard, Aline X Lucien Dupras* ‎16 Feb 1928* River Valley ON. Canada
man Goulard, André
woman Goulard, Andréa
woman Goulard, Angèle 1st X Marty Atienza, 2nd X Dave Paul Roth* ‎8 Feb 1969* Sudbury, ON. Canada
woman Goulard, Anna X Ida Boileau* ‎1 Sep 1915* River Valley, ON. Canada† ‎2 Jan 2004† Sudbury On . Canada.
man Goulard, Armand X Corona Danis* ‎19 Dec 1909† ‎4 Feb 1983† Sturgeon Falls ON. Canada
man Goulard, Benjamin Edmond* ‎30 Mar 1970* Toronto ON
woman Goulard, Bertha & Telesphore Labelle
woman Goulard, Blanche* ‎1905† ‎1907
woman Goulard, Blanche X Isidore Léger* ‎1910* Gracefield, Québec† ‎18 Feb 1986† Sudbury, Ontario
woman Goulard, Carole* ‎30 Oct 1982* Sault St. Marie, ON. Canada
woman Goulard, Carole Anna 1st X Daniel Sweeney, 2nd X William Strachan* ‎28 Dec 1953* Sudbury, Ontario† ‎7 Nov 2016† St. Joseph's Villa - Sudbury, Ontario
woman Goulard, Catherine 1st X Wayne McLeod, 2nd X Doug Kraus* ‎25 Nov 1957
man Goulard, Chad Thomas-Alderic* ‎14 Oct 1991
woman Goulard, Chantal* ‎4 Feb 1999* Sudbury General Hospital, ON. Canada
man Goulard, Charles X Jody-Lynn Boyd
man Goulard, Charles & Délima Ethier
man Goulard, Claude* ‎1943
man Goulard, Claude & Barbara Warwick
woman Goulard, Colette Marie 1st X Edouard Aldège Brabant, 2nd X Donald Omer Kelly* ‎6 May 1941* River Valley, Ontario
man Goulard, Curtus* ‎31 Dec 1993* Sudbury General Hospital, ON. Canada
man Goulard, Daniel X Linda Caméré* ‎12 Jan 1960
man Goulard, Denis* ‎1952† ‎1 Feb 1953† L'Assomption de Windsor, Ontario
man Goulard, Denis X Louise St Amour
woman Goulard, Denise Lucie 1st & Normand Ross, 2nd X Harold Alphonce Lapointe* ‎2 May 1948* Sturgeon Falls ON. Canada
man Goulard, Dennis & Moira
woman Goulard, Diane & Clint Ferlotte
woman Goulard, Diane X Jules Ouellette* ‎14 Jul 1952* Sturgeon Falls ON. Canada† ‎16 Apr 1976† Sudbury, Ontario
man Goulard, Donald X Jean Ann Ellesworth* ‎23 Jun 1971* Kitchener, ON
man Goulard, Donat
man Goulard, Donat X Alma Marchand† ‎5 May 2001† Windsor, Ontario
woman Goulard, Doris
man Goulard, Edgar X Fernande Bertrand* ‎25 Mar 1929* River Valley, ON. Canada
man Goulard, Eric

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